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The Whole Sex Talk™ is a practical, Biblical, insightful, and God-honoring multi-session program. We help parents and adults learn how to have impactful and ongoing conversations with children and teens. Our presentations include instruction on talking to kids about sex, teen pregnancy, the dangers of premarital sexual activity and pornography, helping kids handle pressure, and keeping in touch with kids’ hearts.

Presentations for Youth

Our instructors provide one or more presentations for youth groups, small group, and rallies.

Topics include:

  • The blessings and benefits of waiting for sex until marriage
  • The physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences of sex outside of marriage
  • Abortion and its impact on women, men, and the family
  • Birth control/contraception – how it works and why it doesn’t work for teens
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Willing to Wait™ Leadership Team presentations (skits and dramas) which include high school and college-age students who are waiting themselves.

Presentations for Parents and Adults Who Work with Youth

The Whole Sex Talk™ – provides tools and help for adults to have ongoing conversations with youth regarding sex and relationships.

Course Outline & Handouts

Using your influence:
Learn from the mistakes of one pastor and father of three.


The lifelong approach of talking to your kids:
Learn why parents must continue talking with their kids about sex and relationships. Learn about the reality of current influences in the lives of your children.

14 Parent Tips
10 Things Kids Want Parents to Know
The Talk
How to Get into Conversations about Sex

What they don’t know can kill them:
Learn the impact physically, emotionally, and spiritually when teens face pregnancy, abortion, and sexually transmitted infections.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections
Emotional Baggage

Understanding the dangers of pornography:
Learn how prevalent pornography use is today and how dangerous and damaging it is to youth and their relationships.

Internet Use Agreement
Parental Internet Safety 

Teaching Kids How Far To Go:
Help youth understand the difference between infatuation, love, and sexual desire. Help kids set boundaries in their relationships.

The Adolescent Brain
Teaching Kids How Far to Go 
Handling Negative Peer Pressure
Pressure Scenarios

Practical Guidlines for Parenting:
Practical help for parenting teens. Learn your child’s love language. Help build your child’s self-esteem and handle negative peer pressure.

Cell Phone Contract
Practical Guidelines for Parenting
Guarding Your Childs Heart and Mind
Love Language of Children Quiz