Executive Letter

There’s little question that public protests are alive and well in our nation.  And many of these are designed to silence the prolife voice.

A recent women’s march in Washington, DC advertised that it welcomed all women. But a lot of prolife women testified to the fact that they were vehemently excluded from the event because of their stance on life.

A short time later in Grand Rapids, we witnessed a protest/counter-protest that drew more than 1500 locals to Pregnancy Resource Center’s neighborhood to either stand for or against Planned Parenthood.  Attendees of this gathering estimated that those supporting Planned Parenthood drastically outnumbered the small group of people praying for life by a 30-1 margin.

Does any of this frustrate you? We received calls and texts asking us if there was a place to march in Grand Rapids.  Well, I have good news! We are offering you the opportunity to unite, walk, and pray because that is how we do battle; we pray.  Our voice, our cries for help are always heard by our Father.

The PRC Walk for Life is coming to downtown Grand Rapids and Middleville on June 17th. On Father’s Day weekend the Pregnancy Resource Center will again host this annual prayer walk through the city.

Walk for Life makes a tremendous difference!

Yes, this event raises much-needed funds for the ministry, but WAY BEYOND THIS it brings words of life to places where spiritual and physical death exist- in downtown Grand Rapids.  Among other locations, walkers are asked to pray at Heritage Clinic (a very active regional abortion center), the site of a former abortion clinic, as well as at PRC’s main office, which is next door to Planned Parenthood.

In this powerful, yet peaceful, spirit-filled walk, you will join with several hundred believers and pray for those who work in the abortion industry to come to know Jesus Christ, and be freed by his love.

We will pray for spiritual eyes to see the battle the way God sees it.

Remember how Elisha’s servant trembled with fear at the sight of an enormous army that had surrounded their camp? Before asking God to open his servant’s spiritual eyes, Elisha confidently declared, “…those who are with us are more than those who are with them” (2 Kings 6:16).

So, if today’s widely televised and loudly proclaimed opposition to all things godly causes you to despair, be encouraged that you can be a part of blessing our city with prayer.

Please walk and pray with us on June 17th!

If you are unable to join us downtown or in Middleville on June 17, please pray – pray for our precious clients, their unborn babies, and their families. Pray for our students who are being confused about their sexual identity and their worth. Pray for our staff and volunteers. Pray for our nation.

Please also consider a financial gift to the Pregnancy Resource Center as we continue to serve in area classrooms, our counseling rooms, and in our exam rooms. As we head into the time of year when our giving tends to decline, please ask God what you can do to help the PRC remain financially strong during the summer months. Thank you!

We need your partnership now, more than ever. The battle for life’s not new; it’s just our turn to fight it—in prayer! Join us!  Unite. Walk. Pray.

Jim Sprague, MSW
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. When you give to the PRC, you affirm God’s gift of human life as this is declared in a classroom, counseling room, or exam room. Thank you!