Executive Letter

DSC_1143I’m very thankful this letter is in your hands. I’d like to explain my experience at an abortion clinic and how my life was forever changed.

When I was about 20 years old, I shifted into a rebellious phase and disconnected myself from my family. I believed that the world could offer me better things and heavily used drugs and alcohol to help me escape from reality. I surrounded myself with the wrong people and lived life like one big party.

In the fall of 2011, my “party” ended when I found out that I was pregnant. The news was particularly horrifying to me because I had only just met the father of the baby a couple months prior. When I told him the news, he quickly asked me to get an abortion.

Since I did not believe in God at that time, I felt utterly lost and alone in my fear and despair. There were times I wished passing semi-trucks would accidentally drive straight into my car. I just wanted it all to end.

I did not value my life and I did not value the life that was growing inside of me.

You see, I also grew up in a very conservative and tight-knit community where it was almost unheard of for anyone young and unmarried to have an unplanned pregnancy. As the news that I was pregnant slowly spread, I began receiving messages from people on social media making fun of me.

It was the extreme amount of fear and shame that led me to contact the abortion clinic and schedule an appointment.

The night before the appointment, I laid in my bed unable to sleep and was haunted by a question that would not escape my mind: “What do they do with the babies?”

The next day I found myself in the abortion clinic’s waiting room preparing for what they call “pre-abortion counseling.” When I asked the counselor what they did with the babies, she was very quick to correct me by saying, “They’re fetuses and they’re considered hospital waste.”

When I took my seat, I broke down as I finally realized where I was and what I was about to do. I grabbed a tissue to wipe my tears and as I walked over to throw it away it suddenly dawned on me. My baby isn’t just a scrap of garbage and my baby’s life isn’t a waste or meant for the trash.

I had 24 hours to make my final decision and what happened in those next hours determined whether or not I would carry the blood of my own child’s life on my hands for eternity.

There aren’t any words that can fully express how thankful and relieved I am to tell you I chose life over death!

After deciding not to go back to the abortion clinic, I found the Pregnancy Resource Center which was the first place I experienced a real sense of hope, confidence, and genuine excitement for the gift of life that was entrusted to me.

It is solely because of hearts like yours that support the vision and mission of the PRC that people like me—who have been hopeless, lost, and afraid—are able to experience immense blessing and joy in our lives.

I am now 25, my daughter is 4, and we have both given our lives to the Lord. I’m currently studying for a Bachelor’s Degree at Calvin College and my daughter is in Kindergarten. I also work part-time and manage my own home.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t have these incredible blessings in my life if it weren’t for your gifts to the Pregnancy Resource Center.

Thank you with all of my heart,






P. S. The letter above is written directly from Brittany to YOU.  You are a vital member of our PRC team; your generous gifts help us provide hope, confidence, and excitement for life.  Thank you for your faithfulness to the PRC ministry and supporting our goal to engage the culture with words of life from the ultimate life-giver: God! The video below was created two years ago. As you can see, Brittany continues to be thankful for her daughter and the role of the PRC. She now attends college while she manages a part-time job and her home. We are so proud of Brittany!