Executive Letter

PRC_MothersDayInsert_web_color-03As we look toward Mother’s Day on May 14, I think of mothers like Jenna* who are especially grateful for the Pregnancy Resource Center and you!

Recently Connie, our Pregnancy Services Nurse, stopped in the Family Support Services office and was surprised and happy to see a face she recognized in the waiting room.  Jenna jumped up and threw her arms around Connie.  She was waiting for her First Steps for Life mentor.  With a broad smile, she excitedly thanked Connie for all the PRC has done for her.

Connie first met Jenna when she came into our medical office after a positive home pregnancy test. She said she didn’t know what she should do. 

Jenna felt like her life was falling apart. The guy she had been dating wouldn’t talk to her anymore and Jenna didn’t know how to tell him she was pregnant.  Her other relationships weren’t much better. She had no support at work, she didn’t feel like her friends would understand, and her family wouldn’t be there to teach her how to be a mom.

How would she manage as a single mother?

In the next few weeks, we did two ultrasounds for Jenna, one just for her and one for the father of the baby to become acquainted with his unborn child.  They worked out a friendly relationship and he would be there for her and the baby.  We also helped Jenna develop a plan for speaking about her pregnancy with her work supervisor and closest friends.

As soon as Connie mentioned the possibility of a First Steps for Life referral through our Family Support Services, Jenna’s face lit up. She was relieved to realize we could walk beside her throughout her pregnancy.

When Connie ran into Jenna at our Family Support office, Jenna beamed. She spoke excitedly about motherhood and her First Steps for Life mentor. As she hugged her pregnant belly bump, she promised she would bring her precious baby into our office so we can meet her.

What an amazing contrast to the desperate young woman Connie first met at our medical office.

As a mother and grandmother, I’m so thankful for our First Steps for Life program. I simply can’t imagine journeying through motherhood alone. I’m so thankful the PRC has the ability to walk through the entire pregnancy with our clients who need a hand-up and the opportunity to travel through tough times with a trusted First Steps for Life mentor.

In honor of Mother’s Day and PRC moms like Jenna who embrace life, we are taking a special offering. Please consider giving a gift in honor of a special mom or person in your life. The names of those honored will be listed in our annual fall newsletter.

Click here for our printable Mother’s Day card! This card will let your loved one know a gift has been given to the PRC in their name or in the name of a person important to them. Many of you have honored your own mothers, another extraordinary mother, or a friend. Other supporters have honored deceased babies and children – this is a particularly meaningful way to acknowledge the painful loss of a child, especially on Mother’s Day.

Thank you for considering this special Mother’s Day offering. When you support the PRC, you can be assured that your gift saves lives, both physically and eternally. We thank you, and new mothers like Jenna thank you!

Mother’s Day Blessings,

Becky Buick
Chief Operations Officer

*The name and photo of this client have been changed to respectfully protect her confidentiality.

P.S. Please consider a special offering for Mother’s Day today. The mother or exceptional person in your life will be honored in our fall newsletter.