Executive Letter

February 2017

We appreciate the support of our local community and your dedication to the Pregnancy Resource Center ministry.

Recently, while attending a local professional meeting, Arlen, a fellow attendee, noticed my name tag and PRC connection. Our warm conversation was followed by an encouraging note I thought you’d like to read:

As a young married couple, fresh out of college, Sandra and I began our family while we were still paying off school loans, establishing our careers. That’s when the PRC came alongside us, helping us with some basic essentials for our baby so we could launch our family with dignity. Today, we enjoy the fruits of our faith and our three successful adult children. We thank God for the PRC, knowing that you help real people during real times of struggle. We’re proud to support the good work of the PRC! – Arlen-Dean & Sandra Gaddy

You are making a difference as the PRC continues to give Christ’s hope and love to men, women, and students. Thank you!