Executive Letter

FebMarch2017_ExecLetter_Graphic-01“If you aim at nothing, you’re sure to hit it!”

Each year, after Christmas break and before doing anything else, the Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) staff participates in an annual Prayer Summit. This is a time to worship our Lord together and ask Him to align our human efforts with His divine purposes.

This past January the Lord gave us a theme verse of Psalm 90:17 to guide us throughout 2017 (above), and two main areas of focus: we will Serve the Bride, and Engage the Culture.

As a first priority, the PRC will serve the Bride of Christ in areas related to sex, relationships, pregnancy, and abortion. A prime motivator has been that year after year studies consistently reveal a single, painful reality: abortion exists in the Church at an alarming rate.

Some surveys have revealed that in this country as many as 65-75% of women receiving abortion services indicated a religious affiliation; 40% attend services one or more Sundays a month. Using the lower percentage, it is safe to say that regular church attenders account for approximately 400,000 abortions each year, using an average of 1 million abortions annually in the United States. At $500 per procedure, which is on the low end of the cost scale, the amount contributed to the abortion industry by the Church comes to an alarming $200 million each year!

At the PRC, we have been greatly impacted by this; we have come to believe that the most effective way to defund the abortion industry may be to get it out of the Church!

For this reason, in 2017 the PRC will earnestly pursue relationships with the local church that prepares its leadership to successfully respond to these three questions:

1. How will you respond to a future crisis pregnancy in your congregation?

2. How are you bringing healing to the “walking wounded” in your congregation?

3. How prepared are your young people to avoid the first two conditions?

We will serve the local church, the expression of the Bride of Christ, by helping the church address the difficult topics and situations we encounter at the PRC on a regular basis.

The second area of focus this year is to effectively Engage the Culture.

The PRC exists to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a mission field created by abortion and we do so in a culture that is increasingly death-oriented and godless. In Russell Moore’s book, Onward: Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel, we have found encouragement in our efforts to effectively relate to and serve clients who often do not hold to a set of values even remotely like our own.

And building credibility with them is increasingly challenging. A decade ago, the simplicity of the “Yellow Pages” was the PRC’s main marketing tool to attract abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable women. Today, the PRC buys Google Ad Words and our client website (prcgr.org) uses sophisticated online search tools and techniques. This requires a highly technical approach with ongoing attention to its effectiveness.

In addition, current widespread use of smart phones encouraged us to development our mobile-friendly website, complete with options for live chat, texting, off-hours phone conversations (available from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm), and remote appointment scheduling. We’ve also developed an on-line option for ultrasound picture downloads so abortion vulnerable women can view their baby on their mobile device.

I admit we’re very pleased with the PRC’s current technological advances. But we can’t relax this engagement. After all, we are in a battle for the lives of the most vulnerable human beings: babies in the womb and their mothers and fathers who have been fed deceptive lies. This means we need to be nimble and adapt in the coming years as we seek culturally relevant engagement both on-line and in the office.

Please pray with us throughout 2017.  We continue to have ongoing conversations with professionals as we seek effective marketing efforts and engagement with abortion vulnerable people in West Michigan. Truly, we are in a David and Goliath battle. PRC is a local ministry coming against a national pro-abortion industry, replete with major advertising dollars. We need wisdom, discernment, courage,  your continued support, and the reminder that David, with the LORD’s help, was the victor!

So as you can see, at the PRC we’re clearly NOT “aimed at nothing.”

The Lord has gifted the PRC with vision and an incredibly skilled and passionate team committed to using our gifts to serve the Bride of Christ and engage this culture for Him, as well.

And you are a vital member of this team; with your generous gifts, you provide what it takes to advance these God-given objectives.

Thank you for prayerfully considering your part in equipping the PRC with the financial resources it needs to literally change the future…one life at a time.

His for life,
Jim Sprague, CEO