Walk for Life – Rain or Shine

ThankYouWalkforLifeEnewsletter-01-01The 2017 Walk for Life will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most memorable of all time!
The downtown thunderstorms raged wildly throughout the night and didn’t’ let up in the early morning. Meanwhile, the Walk for Life team courageously set up the tents and tables while praying they would not get blown away by the wind or struck by lightning! As the registration time drew near the storms subsided, but the threat of another band of severe weather loomed large. So, for the safety of everyone involved, we made the hard decision to cancel the walk at our downtown location. Thankfully, Middleville’s storms subsided and that site was not affected by this cancellation.
This was the first time in the more than twenty walks in which I’ve participated that this has happened, yet in spite of this weather obstacle the Open House at PRC’s Cherry Street facility was the best ever! Large numbers of people came and the conversations about the ministry were especially rich and full because nobody felt they had to “keep moving.”
One longtime Walk for Life participant, Dawn Peterson, told me, “I never expected to learn anything new about the ministry because we’ve been part of it for so long, but listening to Bev talk about your use of ultrasound and how impactful that is in the decision-making for someone considering abortion—well, let’s just say I’m even more excited about PRC than before!”
We were touched and impressed by the number of supporters who came to drop off their pledge forms and donations, and then tour the facility. Even though the walk was officially cancelled, many of those who braved the elements on Saturday remained compelled to walk and pray throughout the city. Many completed the route, praying at each stop and bringing blessing to the Grand Rapids streets.
And in this week following Walk for Life 2017, the giving window for this important fundraising event is still “open!” We realize that many who were planning on coming downtown may have stayed home because of the threatening weather.
If that was you, please still bring your pledge form and gifts of support to our office! The Administrative Office is located on the 2nd floor of the PRC at 415 Cherry SE.
We invite you to stop by this week or next to drop off the dollars you so generously raised for this ministry, and then get the 2017 Walk for Life t-shirt we have for you!
Thank you for faithfully supporting this life-giving ministry…no matter the weather!
His for Life,
Jim Sprague, MSW
Chief Executive Officer