Three Miracles to Save a Life

The tiny, peaceful image on the monitor brought a torrent of panic to Alicia’s* heart. The panic was quickly followed by a host of questions impossible to answer:

How am I going to make this work? How can I afford to feed another mouth? Wouldn’t it be better to just care for the children I already have? Isn’t that the responsible thing to do?

How could I let this happen? I must have an abortion!

She was wracked with guilt and felt trapped; but Alicia was not alone. Tammy,* her best friend, was holding her hand and saw the strain on her face. Knowing about the abortion appointment, Tammy had been praying all week for a miracle that would save the life of her friend’s child.

The answer to her prayers came earlier that day.

Although Alicia had an appointment at the abortion clinic, she agreed to come to the Pregnancy Resource Center – miracle number one!

The peaceful presence of the Holy Spirit met them at the door of the PRC.

As they walked from the car to the PRC, Tammy continued her silent intercession for Alicia and her baby. “Lord, Alicia needs to encounter You today. She needs to see the truth. Please speak to her this morning.”

The peaceful presence of the Holy Spirit met them at the door of the PRC. Tammy felt her own anxiety melt away and prayed the same was happening for Alicia. She knew they were in the right place.

Then, an opening on the PRC’s ultrasound schedule meant that Alicia could have the exam and a free ultrasound without an appointment and without delay – miracle number two!

Within moments Alicia was invited back to the exam room and she asked Tammy to go with her. When the sonographer asked if Alicia would like to see the image, she slowly nodded even though panic gripped her soul.

Then the monitor on the wall lit up with a beautiful picture of her baby! There she was! Alicia started to smile widely as she identified different parts of her baby and saw the heart beating away!

“I don’t have to go through with an abortion – this is my baby!”

Alicia realized the truth. “I don’t have to go through with an abortion – this is my baby!” Her face now glowed and she chuckled as she watched her child wiggle on the big screen TV!

“Miracle number three,” thought Tammy!

Alicia’s heart then burst into praise! She gave glory to God and exclaimed, “I knew I heard God say, ‘Trust me.” She looked at the PRC counselor, and then at Tammy, before continuing, “With your help, I know I can do this.”

And it’s true; she can do it. The road ahead for Alicia won’t be easy, but with the help of the PRC and people like you, she can walk this difficult road! You make it possible for her to choose life.

In very practical ways we are meeting women like Alicia at the point of their greatest need. Not only do we provide pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, and low cost STD testing and treatment, but we provide life-affirming options, parenting classes, prayer, and material support. Last year alone, we gave away countless practical items including more than 131,365 articles of clothing, diapers, formula, cribs, bedding, and baby equipment!

You make it possible for her to choose life.

Since our founding in 1985, we have seen close to 3,500 women turn from abortion to life and 2,700 make decisions for Christ as a direct result of our ministry! Because of your financial support we are meeting the most important needs of women like Alicia.

*Names changed