History of PRC

The PRC was “born on the sidewalk.” It is a grassroots organization, created by ordinary people with extraordinary passion – people who love God and love people of all sizes, colors, and nations.

Back in 1984, the sidewalk was a difficult place for a woman to speak of her deepest secrets. But with a message from God on her heart, Mary Kay, a young mom, knew she had to reach them as they considered terminating their pregnancies. Only it was impossible to compete with the activity of a bustling downtown street.

“My own family was growing at the time and I worried about the health of each of my unborn babies. I simply couldn’t imagine anyone thinking that deliberately ending their pregnancy was the best option,” Mary Kay recalls. “I was compelled by the call of God on my heart to talk to them; He was insisting I be there to show these women another way. But we needed to get off the street.”

She began praying for a quiet place to meet, and before long God provided.

Conveniently located next to the abortion clinic, a room became available. A private area just inside the front door allowed Mary Kay and the other volunteers to finally have personal conversations with desperate and confused women, helping them choose life over abortion. But, after a short time she realized she could not meet the need alone.

Mary Kay prayed again, and again God revealed His plan.

God gave Mary Kay a vision for a pregnancy center and she shared it with her church. The young, impassioned congregation at Bella Vista Church enthusiastically embraced the idea. In July 1985, the PRC was born. Its permanent home at 415 Cherry SE was the same building first used by Mary Kay.

With a modest budget and a handful of committed staff and volunteers, the PRC saw 80 clients in the first two months of operation, and eight lives were saved by the end of the year. A beautiful thing had happened; a legacy of truth-telling had begun at the same spot where lies about the unborn had been told.

The PRC is still a ministry “born on the sidewalk,” full of passionate people who love God and His people – we are living the truth that people matter to God!

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