Core Beliefs

Mission Statement
Living the truth that people matter to God.

Our Vision Statement
To be the most trusted and respected source for information, education and services that affirm the gift of human life.

The Holy Spirit leads us to :
• Encourage people to embrace a Biblical view of sexuality
• Share the hope and truth of Jesus Christ’s love and gift of salvation
• Provide just representation for pre-born children and support children and families after birth.
• Help meet the needs of those unprepared for pregnancy
• Provide Biblical tools and methods to gain healing for those whose lives have been affected by abortion.

The following services are offered free of charge to the community:
• Abstinence-only sex and relationship education classes and drama team presentations for public school students (Willing to Wait™).
• Abstinence education and presentations for Christian schools and churches (Willing to Wait™ – The Whole Truth™).
• Pregnancy tests and options counseling.
• Ultrasounds (some restrictions apply) and medical consultation services.
• Material assistance for under-resourced families (baby clothes, diapers, formula, cribs, and furnishings).
• Post-abortion counseling.

The following services are offered with a minimal fee:
• STD/STI testing & treatment.

Core beliefs
Drawing close to God through prayer
Psalm 37:4-6; Jeremiah 30:21b; James 4:8

Prayer is the first resort and not the last at the PRC.  Together we seek to know, love, and live passionately for God.  We want to make decisions that will please God. At the PRC, we are dependent upon His infinite wisdom and direction.

Prayer is our resource for future planning and daily decision making.  We want to listen well and follow God obediently.  This becomes our strategic plan: discovering where the Father is working and then choosing to join Him in His work.

Sanctity of human life
Genesis 1:26; Psalm 22:9, 10; Psalm 139:13-16; Proverbs 24:11

God creates human life in His image.  Human life is distinctly precious and unique; so much so that God commands it must be protected and preserved.  God has given us His word in which He sets human life apart as valuable.  We believe we are called to provide justice to all, especially the most vulnerable and voiceless among us.

We hold that life begins at conception as God works to shape each child into the person He wants him or her to be. We believe current scientific discovery supports this view with ever expanding, detailed knowledge of DNA present at the very time of conception. Ultrasound is an example of this scientific advancement and it has given us a ‘window’ into the womb. Through ultrasound we can determine gender, hear a heart beat, and see hands and feet. Abortion is the antithesis of justice, and we believe honest discussion and action related to human justice must begin by giving a representative voice to the pre-born.

While we are painfully aware of the trauma surrounding pregnancies related to rape, incest, deformities of the child, and health risks to the mother, we do not find abortion to be effective or morally acceptable as a method of reducing such trauma.

In the extremely rare cases where continued pregnancy is unquestionably expected to lead to the literal death of the mother, we encourage the parties involved to prayerfully consider the gravity of their decision by seeking the second opinion of high risk OBGYN professionals, thereby examining the merit of available alternatives. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to respect the final decision of the parents and to provide whatever support is possible.

Offering an invitation
Romans 10:13-15; Matthew 28:19, 20; Psalm 22:30, 31; Psalm 102:18

God seeks the lost and we are committed to active participation in His plan.  Brokenness through unhealthy sexual relationships as well as abortion has created a vast mission field.

Men and women enter our centers with uncertainty about their futures.  They are often confused or frightened about the decisions they face.  Many are frightened by the possibility of an STD/STI, an unplanned pregnancy, or a previous abortion that has left them feeling broken and damaged.
God has uniquely called us to speak His invitational message of good news to these men and women. We pray that the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives will provide a life-giving supernatural love to confused and hurting people. We desire that they have a reconciling encounter with Jesus Christ as we speak and live the truth that they are uniquely loved and called to a hope and future in Him.

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