A Word From Jim Sprague, Executive Director

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When two- year-old Jeremiah sashayed through our front doors a few weeks ago, he seemed to be announcing, “Well, here I am…aren’t you glad to see me!!??”

Immediately after recognizing his mother, the PRC staff burst with excitement.

“It just wouldn’t have been professional for me to snatch that little guy up in my arms and smother his cute little face in kisses,” recalls one PRC staffer, “but that’s sure what I WANTED to do!”

When this little man’s mother, Candice*, first visited the Pregnancy Resource Center she cried when her pregnancy test was positive. “I’m not ready to be a mother again,” she moaned. Her unstable relationship and the pressure of providing for children aged 11, 7, and 6, made her determined to terminate her pregnancy.

When we offered to schedule an ultrasound appointment, Candice readily accepted it as a free way to rule out a possible miscarriage and confirm that this pregnancy was in fact viable.**

During the ultrasound, Virginia, PRC’s nurse and peer counselor, walked her through all the medical procedures and gently answered all the questions Candice had racing through her mind. As she comforted Candice, both of them watched the screen intently as images of the baby’s feet and toes, then hands and fingers, were pointed out and labeled. 

Then came that distinctive “whoosh-whoosh, whoosh-whoosh” of the baby’s heart busily moving blood to every part of its tiny developing body!

Afterward, Virginia met with Candice to debrief the ultrasound experience. When asked what she would do next, Candice seemed to collect her emotions as she resolutely said, “I have enough children.”

Undeterred, Virginia reviewed the medical facts about abortion procedures, along with the risks involved. She also gave Candice information on adoption, the PRC’s Family Support Services, and other community resources. Most important, Virginia prayed with Candice, asking the Father for His wisdom and guidance.

A few days later, Virginia reached Candice on the phone, offering resources and support. Candice had not yet had an abortion but she still spoke openly about her plan to abort. Candice explained that her family responsibilities had become even more overwhelming and she couldn’t handle the burden of a fourth child.

When she hung up the phone, Virginia prayed, asking for God’s intervention. She also asked her friends at the PRC to pray for Candice and for the safety of this precious unborn baby.

I’ve heard it said that prayers are eternal, and I believe that the prayer Virginia offered that day for Candice was answered in God’s timing and in His way. We surrendered this situation to the Lord over two years ago. 

We didn’t know it, but God moved and Candice changed her mind, giving birth to baby Jeremiah. And now, two years later, she decided to tell us that she didn’t go through with that abortion plan after all…and maybe we’d like to meet the joy of her life, Jeremiah.  What a true story of Thanksgiving!

So, come on in, Jeremiah, and strut away! Yes, we’re all VERY glad to meet you!

Today I want to thank you for making sure the PRC is here, year after year, to serve women like Candice, baby Jeremiah, and their entire family. Our legacy has been growing for nearly thirty years now, and as a result more than 3,400 children have been saved from abortion!

However, we are completely dependent upon your support. Abstinence education for more than 6,000 teens annually, pregnancy testing and ultrasound services, counseling and medical information are all free to women like Candice. But all of our education and services come with a cost to us. 

Please consider a generous year-end gift today to the Pregnancy Resource Center. Through our ministry and your support, we are changing the future…one life at a time.

 His for life,

Jim Sprague, MSW
Executive Director

P.S.  You are partnering with God’s legacy at the PRC through your financial partnership. As we celebrate our thirtieth anniversary in 2015, we look forward to seeing His gracious hand at work in the lives of many more teens, men, and women like Candice as they embrace their hope in Christ and the life He gives to them.

*Candice requested we use her real name in order to personally thank all those who made the services at the PRC a possibility.

**Approximately 20% of first trimester pregnancies end in miscarriage. http://miscarriage.about.com/od/riskfactors/a/miscarriage-statistics.htm

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