A Word From Jim Sprague, Executive Director

Feb2015_ExecUTIVE_graphic-01As people come to the Greater Grand Rapids community from all over the world, the Pregnancy Resource Center’s mission field continues to expand. We find ourselves planting, watering, cultivating, weeding, and harvesting souls for the Kingdom of God. Our goal is for everyone who comes through our doors to feel welcome, respected, and deeply loved by Jesus.

Recently, Nada* came to us to verify her pregnancy.  She is of another faith and lives legally in the U.S. on a visa. She was feeling overwhelmed by her very active children. When she saw her test was positive, she hung her head, held her hands over her eyes, and wept silently. “I am not ready to be a parent again,” she said through muffled sobs. Thankfully, Nada accepted a free ultrasound and we made an appointment for the following week.

The day of Nada’s scheduled ultrasound appointment came and went with no sign of Nada.  When we called two separate times to attempt to reschedule her appointment, we received only her voice mail.

Five days went by.

While serving on our after-hours helpline, Lori, one of our counselors, heard from Nada. This time she begged for an abortion referral.

Lori explained that we do not perform or refer for abortions and encouraged Nada to reschedule her ultrasound appointment so she could determine the viability of her pregnancy by checking the baby’s cardiac activity  and getting accurate measurements for gestational age. Lori clarified these steps were important to Nada making an informed decision about her pregnancy.

Nada especially saw the logic in checking for cardiac activity prior to deciding to abort.  The next morning, she arrived for her ultrasound appointment where she saw her baby moving on the screen and heard her baby’s actively beating heart.  We shared information on abortion and fetal development and Nada even accepted prayer in Jesus’ name.  She began to cry, saying, “You are all so kind. Please continue to pray for me.”

When we called Nada later in the week with the information from her ultrasound report, she told us she had decided to continue her pregnancy and keep the baby.  We were able to make an immediate physician referral and connect her to our Family Support office as well as other community resources.  Before hanging up, Nada said, “Please thank everyone at the PRC for all the help.”

From Nada and our staff, thank you for your financial support and for trusting us to carry out this labor of love on your behalf! God is truly doing a mighty work through the ministry of the Pregnancy Resource Center and through your partnership.

Please join us as we continue to pray for Nada and her entire family. We pray they will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Psalm 34:8a says, Taste and see that the Lord is good. The PRC is humbled and overjoyed that we could offer Nada a taste of our God and King!   Through your generous support, we reveal Jesus’ love and kindness to Muslims, Hindus, atheists, and families who are lost and in need of the love of Christ.

Please consider a generous gift today as we continue to live the truth that ALL people matter to God!

His for Life,
Jim Sprague, MSW
Executive Director

P.S. We thank God for more than 3,470 lives saved from abortion and more than 2,790 decisions made for Christ since the PRC’s founding in 1985. We also celebrate 74,049 students who have been instructed in abstinence education since 1995, preventing an untold number of abortions.

*To protect this client’s identity we are not using her real name.

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