A Word from Jim Sprague, Executive Director


What would YOU say to Kayla*, a woman seeking to reconcile with her estranged husband, as she learns she is pregnant by another man?

It is our sincere privilege at the Pregnancy Resource Center to walk beside people every day who are grappling with impossible circumstances, and help them make a life-giving choice. In fact, walking them through some of life’s messiest situations is exactly why we’re here!

Kayla had been separated from her husband for several years, but they had recently begun the process of rebuilding their relationship. And she really wanted it to work this time. However, the ultrasound brought difficult news—she was clearly pregnant and well into her first trimester.

Her eyes welling with tears, Kayla swallowed hard at the sight of her baby on the screen. She began to confess that while apart from her husband she dated someone else for a short time. This was certainly his baby.

After the ultrasound, our staff nurse, Connie, sat patiently with Kayla. By now she had dried her eyes and hardened her heart in an all-out attempt to convince herself that sacrificing her child was the only way to save her marriage.

Connie met Kayla’s determination with a gentle, Holy Spirit-inspired statement. “In order to rebuild a relationship with your husband, honesty and openness have to be the foundation stones, right? Imagine building your renewed marriage by hiding a pregnancy, and possibly an abortion. Can you imagine trying to preserve a secret of such magnitude?”

The defenses came down as Kayla weighed the real and devastating influence the abortion would have on her reconciliation effort, and the marriage as a whole. When their conversation eventually came to an end, Kayla looked intently into Connie’s eyes and asked, “So, I need to tell him, right?”

Connie replied by saying, “Right,” at the same moment Kayla answered her own question.

Just one day later, Kayla called to tell Connie she told her husband everything. His reaction totally surprised her. He committed to supporting her and walking her through this pregnancy. But most powerful was his promise to accept this child into the family.

Connie heard the relief and tremendous joy in Kayla’s voice. She could practically see Kayla’s smile beaming through the phone! What a thrill to hear she would continue her pregnancy and keep working to repair her broken marriage!

Life can certainly be complicated and messy. But thankfully God is faithful, forgiving, and in ultimate control. Aren’t you glad that God is still in the business of rescuing and redeeming broken lives? I know I am!

At the PRC, He gives us ample opportunity to come alongside many who are hurting and confused. We have the privilege of reminding them of His goodness and grace.

One sobering truth about the PRC, however, is that we are only here for the men, women, and students of this area when you are generous toward us. Everything we do for the clients and students we serve is free, or provided at very little cost.

You are a vital part of this ministry and the great reward is that with a financial gift to the PRC you also become a tool God uses to fix broken hearts and lives in our community.

True, you weren’t in the ultrasound suite or counseling room that day with Kayla. But your support made the rescue of her baby, and potentially her marriage, possible. So I urge you to continue funding the physically and spiritually life-giving work of the Pregnancy Resource Center with a generous gift today.

Together we are changing the future…one life at a time.

His for life,

Jim Sprague, MSW
Executive Director

*This is a true story. We changed this client’s name in order to protect her confidentiality.

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