A Word From Jim Sprague, Executive Director

I can only imagine the scene. It’s likely both hands were firmly gripping the wheel as they maneuvered around the other cars in their way. They probably even ran a stoplight or two, and then came to an abrupt halt at the emergency room door!

Nicole’s* daughter was in serious pain—they were sure her appendix had ruptured so every minute mattered! However, it wasn’t long before the examination determined that Amy* was in fact delivering a baby!

A baby?! Nicole didn’t even know her teenager was pregnant! Then, with no time to further grasp what was happening, they were welcoming a beautiful, healthy, little girl into the world.

However, Amy’s baby girl wasn’t greeted with dozens of camera flashes, and her amazing story most certainly didn’t get posted to any Facebook pages. Instead, when things finally quieted down, the hospital staff dimmed the lights and left them alone. A tear ran down Nicole’s cheek as she considered the fact that her teen daughter was holding her baby. The reality started to sink in and she whispered in the dark, “We don’t have anything for your baby!”

The next day, Nicole’s sister, a former client of the Pregnancy Resource Center, was their first visitor. As she quickly realized her “grand-niece” had no crib, baby clothes, diapers, formula, or precious little girl outfits, and no means to obtain them, she pulled out her phone and called our Wyoming office.

An immediate appointment was made. Amy and Nicole walked into our Family Support office that very afternoon, along with baby Jillian, who was being carried by a very proud great-aunt. Amy and her aunt oohed and ahhed over numerous clothing selections for Jillian.

Nicole was still stunned by the events of the past two days. When a PRC staffer simply asked, “How’re you doing, Grandma?” it released a dam of mixed emotions Nicole had been holding back since the journey began. Jillian had certainly brought incredible joy, but her astonishing arrival into the world, combined with watching her teenager grow into motherhood right before her very eyes, seemed more than she could bear.

And new feelings were swirling and surfacing all the time.

Nicole’s thoughts turned toward the baby’s father—himself a teen—and his parents, who were also grasping this difficult news. Then she wondered, “How will I tell my pastor and my friends at church?”

Nicole continued to process aloud as we comforted her, cried with her…and prayed with her. We prayed for strength, encouragement, and blessing. We prayed that both families, and their church family, would love and support this young mother and daughter. We also thanked God for life, knowing He has a plan and purpose for this precious little one. We affirmed the fact that Jillian was no surprise to Him!

Everyone wore broad smiles as they loaded the baby equipment and essentials into the car. Amy and Nicole were overwhelmed with thanksgiving for the baby clothes, diapers, formula, a winter coat, a car seat, a stroller, and a pack-n-play.

At the PRC we understand how a baby changes everything! In this story alone, our ministry touched the lives of the baby, her mother, her grandmother, a great-aunt, and perhaps a whole community of people surrounding them through family and church ties.

I’m thankful to lead an organization where we’re able to spread the love of Christ and build His Kingdom on earth! Thank you for considering a gift that allows us to continue impacting families every day in His name.

Together we are changing the future…one life at a time.

His for life,

Jim Sprague, MSW
Executive Director

*Names are changed to maintain the confidentiality of those we serve.​

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