A Word from Jim Sprague, Executive Director

Jim Sprague

As a practical response to alarming teen pregnancy and abortion rates in 1995, the Pregnancy Resource Center adopted a “prevention” approach. We began challenging youth in private and public middle schools to embrace sexual abstinence and to save this intimacy for marriage.

Since then, this Biblically based course called Willing to Wait™ has received critical acclaim and spread to regions beyond West Michigan. Our program is now in school districts all over Michigan, the United States, and ten countries around the globe!

This year alone, Willing to Wait™ will touch 62 schools and our eight-session program will impact more than 5,500 students before the summer recess.*

One lesson invites students to write a letter to their future spouse. We know that when a student begins to think and write about what they want their married relationship to look like as an adult, the exercise can have a significant impact on their decision-making.

June Executive Letter

Evie** accepted our invitation and her letter recently reached my desk. It was a great inspiration to me and I share it with you below in hopes that you’ll be nearly as encouraged as I was to realize that the abstinence education message of the PRC is changing the future…one life at a time!

Dear Future Husband,

I wanted to share with you some of my emotions and viewpoints about not having sex until marriage. When I was in fifth grade, “the talk” was something every girl and most guys dreaded. The class wasn’t too bad until we talked about abstinence from sex. The awkwardness level in the room rose by like, 80%. The reason I think that nobody wanted to talk about that topic, was because no one thought that they would ever be tempted to have sex with someone else, especially a person that they weren’t married to. Plus, at that age, we weren’t really understanding totally what the teacher was talking about.

When my class got into 8th grade, we redid “the talk” again, but in a deeper, more detailed way. I actually understood it this time. I realized how sacred the gift of sex actually was. It was just a result of the fall that we screwed it up, making it seem like a bad thing. God meant sex to be a blessing to us, so that we can expand the human race. I realize that it is so easy to mess up, and it could happen to anyone. You could end up with an STD or emotional baggage from your mistake you made. Everything in your world could shake and split apart in only those couple of fate-changing moments that you decide to have sex before you are married. In this day and age, unfortunately, you have to guard your virginity with your life. I really hope you share with me the same values so that we can have a pure, worry-free marriage.

Your Future Wife,


Isn’t that fantastic!? What really excites me is that when a teen makes a decision to save sex until marriage, she is on the path to not only preventing pregnancy, but abortion, and sexually transmitted infections. And this letter says that Evie gets it!

Saving sex for marriage will not only protect her physically, but it will guard her heart and soul, as well. Saving sex for marriage places students like Evie on the path to a healthy lifestyle that allows them to develop into the men and women God intends!

The Pregnancy Resource Center is best known for our responsive medical and family support services where we literally save lives and walk with families. But abstinence education goes beyond; through this program we are proactively impacting and equipping our youth as they navigate our sexually charged culture.

All of our programs depend on your financial partnership as we fully engage in this battle for the hearts and minds of our kids. Please consider a generous gift today that will help us weather the financially lean summer months.

With God’s intervention and wisdom, and your faithfulness, we are making a difference in the lives of the teens and young adults in our community!

His for life, Jim Sprague, MSW

*Willing to Wait™ provides the following eight poignant lessons: teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, issues of the heart, handling peer pressure, dating and setting limits, healthy and unhealthy relationships, why real love waits, and our peer group drama team. Although these lessons are free to our schools, they are not without expense. Along with our pregnancy/medical and family support services, we provide Willing to Wait™ in our desire to impact our community with truth and love. Thank you for making this possible through your financial partnership!

**Evie gave us permission to use her name and letter.

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