Shannon’s Story

Dear Friends,

Even though we’ve never met, in a very real sense, you are my friend. Thanks to you, and others who support the PRC, I am alive today to share my story with you. And so is the light of my life, my daughter, Ashley.

On the outside, I seemed to have it all—loving, well-to-do parents and a bachelor’s degree from a well-known university. But inside I was tortured. I didn’t see myself as others did. I was depressed. I saw myself as fat and unattractive.

I had always watched what I ate, but my obsession with my weight soon got out of hand. I ate less and less until I was skin and bones. Today, I can finally admit that I had a dangerous eating disorder called anorexia.

My life went steadily downhill. I fell into a never-ending cycle of self-abuse and neglect. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any worse, I stopped having my periods. After four months, I figured out that I was pregnant. But my body was so messed up from the lack of nutrition that I wasn’t really sure how far along I was.

When I looked in the mirror and saw how sickly and unkempt I looked, I said to myself, “How can I be a mother? Any baby of mine is sure to have all sorts of health problems.” It was then and there I decided to have an abortion.

On a bleak day last spring, as I trudged to the abortion clinic, I met a woman named Shelia who works at the Pregnancy Resource Center. She greeted me with such a warm smile that the grayness of that day seemed to melt away. I don’t know why—maybe it was the look of gentle concern on her face—but I told her my whole story. With the calm of an experienced mother, she explained to me that no one really knew the condition of my baby. She urged me to come with her to the Pregnancy Resource Center for an ultrasound.

To my surprise, the ultrasound showed that I was close to 8 months pregnant—not 4 months!

Sheila explained again that only God knew for sure the condition of my daughter but according to the ultrasound, she looked healthy.

All of my friends had urged me to get rid of my baby because they were sure she’d have mental or physical problems. Thankfully, Sheila went into a frank description of the gruesome procedure the abortionists would use. I’ll spare you the details, but I just couldn’t let them harm my baby. I decided to trust the God who knows all things. I would have my baby.

I know lots of people don’t believe in miracles, but I sure do! My little Ashley was born without complications. Today she’s 9 months old and in perfect health. You can see for yourself.

Thanks to Sheila and the Pregnancy Resource Center, my little girl is alive and I have a new purpose in life. All my friends at the PRC have been so supportive and helpful. I don’t know where I’d be today without them. With God’s love, I’ve been able to put my life back together. I’m even working on a master’s degree!

As hard as it is to share my personal struggle with you, I am living proof that stories such as mine can have a happy ending. I just wanted you to know firsthand that your gifts to the PRC are actually gifts to young women like me who often have no place else to turn. Your generosity changed my life and saved the life of my precious Ashley.

So please save the photo I sent you. Put it up on your refrigerator or someplace where you’ll see it every day. When you see those big blue eyes looking back at you, you’ll know that Ashley lives because of you.

Thank you so much for your past gifts to the Pregnancy Resource Center. Now more than ever they need your help. Please give whatever you can to the PRC. As someone who’s been on the receiving end of your kindness, I know that your gift does far more than you probably realize.

May God bless you richly as you have blessed me.




PS.  In order to protect my family’s confidentiality, my friends at the PRC requested that I use different names for myself and my daughter.

However, my story and the photo are real.

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Julie’s story: Surrendered

At 22, Julie* was in control. Pretty and sophisticated, she knew how to handle relationships. While Tim* may have manipulated her a few years ago, she now masterfully kept him at a distance in their ‘friends with benefits’ relationship.

Julie was convinced her family’s faith was simply a list of rules, kept by status-seeking people. She felt confident that she was the master of her destiny.
But the pregnancy test stated otherwise.
Julie’s sense of control quickly dissipated. What would she do? Tim suggested an abortion. Julie felt isolated and vulnerable.

At a friend’s suggestion, Julie came to the Pregnancy Resource Center to talk about options. Calmness washed over Julie as her PRC Counselor, Sheila helped her negotiate the insurance and Medicare maze, and even referred her to a doctor and midwife.

When Sheila asked if they could pray together, Julie reluctantly agreed. That moment transformed everything.

Julie humbled herself and moved back home with her parents. She began to read her Bible. The changes in Julie weren’t very evident to others, but God was pursuing her with his grace. He even provided a job for Julie with full insurance and maternity leave!

In her eighth month of pregnancy, Julie took a late night drive to the shop where she first met Tim. She took another long, hard drag on her cigarette as the rain began to beat across her windshield.

As Julie’s past hopes and dreams flashed before her, she bitterly screamed, “God, why would you let me meet Tim? Why did you let this happen? Why? Why? Why???” Through blinding tears she cursed God and groaned until she was hoarse.
“Are you done yet?” Julie heard God speak to her within the quiet tomb of her car, surrounded by darkness and pounding rain.

Julie answered, “yes” and she meant it. She surrendered her life to her Creator, exchanging the bitter, hateful, immoral woman she had become for sweet freedom, holiness, and purity in Christ.

Today Julie’s “baby,” is a healthy, school-aged boy and she is married to a godly husband who has adopted Daniel.* They attend and minister at Eagle’s Nest Church, a place of refuge for those steeped in the world’s darkness.
Julie praises God for the life-changing ministry of the PRC. “When I didn’t know where to turn, you gave me encouragement, hope, and the extreme love of Jesus, who called me home!

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Chelsea’s story: From Homeless to Hope

Chelsea* wore cloths that were soiled and too small for her pregnant belly. Her baby was due in just one week and she didn’t know where to turn.

When she stepped into the Pregnancy Resource Center, she was at the end of a long road of disappointment and rejection.

Cindy, our Client Services Assistant, greeted her warmly, and introduced her to Deb, our Family Support Services Coordinator. As Deb listened compassionately, Chelsea poured out her story between sobs.

Her husband, Jack was in jail after failing to attend his parole appointment. Though Jack had his faults, he had faithfully worked three jobs to support Chelsea and their two boys. But from behind bars, Jack was no longer able to provide for his family.

Jack and Chelsea rented a space for their family at his parent’s home. But unfortunately, tension mounted between Chelsea and Jack’s parents, especially after Jack’s imprisonment.

Within a month, Jack’s parents asked Chelsea to leave. She thought it was safest for the boys to stay with their grandparents. She slept at a homeless shelter each night and wandered the streets by day, feeling hopeless as she searched for another alternative.

Chelsea finally found a small apartment in a woman’s basement; at least her baby would have shelter. But she didn’t have even the most basic supplies to care for her coming baby.

After praying with Chelsea and assuring her that God loved her and her children, these new friends did something to help!

Blankets, diapers, formula, bottles… Each of these made Chelsea feel so much more ‘ready’ for her third child to arrive. And when Orrin, the PRC’s volunteer driver, dropped off Chelsea’s brand new crib, complete with bedding, she was overwhelmed with gratitude.

“I am so blessed,” Chelsea repeated as she marveled at the gifts, freely given in the name of Jesus Christ, the One who redeems and restores!

And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward.

Matthew 10:42 NIV

*name changed

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Ashlie’s story – Rescued!

When I first suspected I was pregnant, I started making plans toward abortion. A friend suggested I go first to the PRC for a free pregnancy test and ultrasound.

When I actually saw my baby on the ultrasound screen, I remember thinking, “Wow, look at my baby!” The PRC counselor prayed with me and helped me realize my situation was serious. That knowledge, together with my mother’s counsel, eventually led me to keep my pregnancy.

I went into labor at 22 weeks.* Despite efforts to stop my labor, a week later I gave birth to my son, Jerzi, who lived for 11 days. We baptized my precious son. The next night he died in my arms. That’s when I realized the full impact of my previous desire to end his life through abortion.

Now I want to give back to the PRC because you gave so much to me. You loved me when I was cold-hearted, you planted seeds of truth that helped lead me back to the God who loves me, and you helped rescued my precious baby.

*Grand Rapids’ downtown abortion clinic provides abortion through 22 weeks, the same age as baby Jerzi when Ashlie went into early labor.

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How did God use a tumor to save a life?

I’ve had the high privilege of serving as the Executive Director of the Pregnancy Resource Center for more than eleven years. During this time, many mothers have turned from a path of ruin to embrace life for their children.

And I praise God for every one of them!

Still, there is one particular story of redemption that stands out like no other.  When I heard the details of THIS saved life, it seemed that the very hand of God Himself had intervened to physically block the abortionist’s tools of death from reaching their intended target

This little girl was also one of the first saved babies I ever held in my arms.

Nicole* sat in the waiting room, dreading the moment she would hear her name called. Surprisingly, she instead heard the voice of a kind-hearted woman who said, “Honey, you don’t have to be here. I love you, and God loves you…and He wants your baby to live!”

 While she continued to hear this message in her mind, Nicole soon followed a nurse into the abortion procedure room. After she was medically prepped for her abortion, the doctor entered the room and everything seemed routine. Abruptly, he turned off the suction equipment.  There was a blockage, he explained, and he couldn’t complete the abortion.

Nicole’s anxiety mounted when she was told she would need to visit another clinic where they perform complicated abortions.

Confused, Nicole walked through the clinic parking lot. She wasn’t sure what to do next.  After all the mental and physical preparation it took to have the abortion, she now found everything on hold.

As she turned the key in her car’s ignition, a PRC radio advertisement “coincidentally” began to air.  She heard words that seemed to be directly spoken to her. “Are you afraid you’re pregnant? Are you pregnant and afraid?” Nicole realized God was clearly pursuing her.  

Without hesitation, Nicole called the phone number from the ad and soon found herself speaking to a counselor who encouraged her to come to the PRC.

When she entered our Cherry Street building, she began to relax. Her counselor lovingly addressed her fears and directed her to a reliable pro-life doctor who discovered a benign fibroid tumor. Together they realized that while it posed no physical threat to her, it was more than adequate to protect her baby from the abortionist!

Before long, Nicole gave birth to her baby, a girl, and brought her to the PRC. She came to express her gratitude and newfound awareness of how God intervened in her life in a powerful way.

And she let me hold that precious little pink package myself, I might add!

“Since my tumor was harmless,” explained Nicole, “I decided not to have my doctor remove it when my baby was born. I decided that it’s my reminder of how God reached down to save her – and me. I am so thankful!

Nicole’s story is just one of the many miracles I have witnessed during my time here at the PRC.  I share this story with you today because it is your financial support that God uses to reach women like Nicole through our marketing efforts, professional services, and counseling support.

This is your success story. Women like Nicole receive many services from the PRC, but they don’t pay for anything; you cover it all!  We depend on you, and all our faithful donors, to be there for us so that we can be there for others in their time of need.

So, this Thanksgiving season we are thankful for you – because your generosity saves lives! And I hope you will consider making a gift today.

His for life,

Jim Sprague, MSW

Executive Director

P.S. Nicole’s story is a great reminder of how God cares about every life. Thank you for helping us be there for Nicole and other women just like her. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened to Nicole and her baby if the PRC wasn’t there to show her a better way and to give her love and support! Thank you for considering a generous year-end gift to the PRC today – your gift and our services are changing the future…one life at a time

*Name changed to protect this client’s confidentiality.

We will continue to be there for women like Nicole*, because you are there for us. Please consider a generous year-end gift today!



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Donna’s* Story – A Botched Abortion and Redemption

Panic gripped Donna when she discovered her pregnancy. With reluctance she had an abortion. Before long, Donna knew something was wrong. She revisited the abortionist who confirmed she was still pregnant. Donna left his office confused and fearing that her baby’s condition was hopeless.

Thankfully, she came to the PRC where her ultrasound showed a strong heartbeat. A PRC counselor encouraged Donna by referring her to our Medical Director who provided accurate and professional medical diagnosis and care. Miraculously, Donna delivered a healthy baby several months later!

Recently, Donna gave birth to a second baby boy, and brought her sons and their father, Scott,* to an appointment at our Family Support Services office in Wyoming. Our staff prayed with them, thanking God for saving her oldest son’s life from abortion. They also lovingly challenged them with God’s design for marriage and their need for Christ. Donna and Scott left the PRC that day with baby items filling their arms and the decision to pray, study God’s word, and connect with the church we suggested. The PRC is privileged to be the hands and feet of Jesus, encouraging women like Donna to choose life in a time of crisis, and continuing to nurture them with material support and Godly counsel.

*Not their real names

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