Church Ministry Partner

PRC Church Ministry Partner Opportunity

Overview: Each Church Ministry Partner has the distinct opportunity of learning the ministry of the Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) and advancing the PRC’s mission. They play a vital role serving as the liaison between the PRC and their church.

Reporting Relationship:  Church Ministry Partners will coordinate with the Community Relations Coordinator.


  1. Depending upon the time of year, Church Ministry Partners will volunteer 1-4 hours per month. We ask for a year commitment in order to provide a consistent relationship between the church and the PRC.
  2. The PRC will provide various materials. The Ministry Partner will make these materials available to their church through displays, brochure racks, or information tables. We depend upon the Church Ministry Partner to determine the most effective method of communication.
  3. Help promote PRC programs, such as PRC Baby Showers, Life Change Baby Bottle Campaigns, iCellutions Phone recycling fundraiser, current urgent needs for our Family Support Services, Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Recognition, Volunteer Trainings, Prayer Requests, and PRC events.
  4. Provide pertinent information to your pastor, elders, and church leaders regarding the availability of PRC representatives available to speak from the pulpit, in classes, and at other appropriate church venues.
  5. Communicate to your mission’s pastor, elder, or director regarding the PRC’s ministry opportunities as presented throughout the calendar year.
  6. Use promotional items sent to you by the PRC to promote special events.
  7. Personally invite your pastor, mission’s pastor, elder, or director, small groups, and classes to attend Gala, LifeWalk, and other PRC events as they occur.
  8. Recruit walkers for our annual LifeWalk and distribute pledge brochures to participants.
  9. Communicate to your PRC representative any feedback you may receive regarding PRC events or your experience as a PRC Church Ministry Partner.
  10. Inform the PRC Community Relations Coordinator if your availability to be a Church Ministry Partner changes. If possible, assist the PRC to help find a replacement Church Ministry Partner from your church.

For more information, contact Vicki at 616.259.1518 or

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