Church-Wide Baby Shower

Pack n Play

Summary: Place a Pack ‘n Play in your church lobby (or a crib) and fill it with practical baby items that will be delivered to the PRC and distributed to PRC clients in need.

Each church has its own protocols. Your church leadership will need to be contacted in order to ascertain the necessary steps required to “advertise” this outreach opportunity. The following suggestions may help to guide you in your desire to initiate a “Church-Wide Baby Shower” for the PRC.


  1. Request a meeting with your church leadership asking for the opportunity to bless
    the clients of the PRC. You will need to request permission to set up a Pack n Play in your church lobby for a two week period.
  2. You may request seed money from the church for the purchase of a Pack ‘n Play. As an alternative, you may recruit 5-10 of your friends, asking them to provide the seed money for the Pack ‘n Play. You may also choose to recruit an individual from your church who is willing to donate a gently used or new Pack ‘n Play.
  3. If given permission, you may place a bulletin announcement in your weekly church program, newsletter, and/or website that says something like:
    Looking for a way to give back? [Name of Church] is partnering with the Pregnancy Resource Center to bless their moms and babies. During [dates] we will throw a church-wide Baby Shower for the PRC by filling a Pack ‘n Play. Please pick up the PRC’s wish list next week and start filling our Pack ‘n Play with baby items on [date]. For more information, see our church website.
  4. Once you set your dates, you will want to give your congregation a list of needed items (see link below). You may want to focus on a dozen of the items most needed. Diapers and formula are always good choices. It is good to have a variety of price points. Then set a date for collection of items and delivery date to the PRC’s Family Support Services office.
  5. The PRC will provide a poster, a PRC representative, and other PRC informational materials, as desired.

For more information, you may contact Vicki at or 616-259-1516.


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