Baby Bottle Campaign

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Who can run a Life Change Baby Bottle Campaign?

Anyone with a passion for life: your entire church congregation, adult or children’s Sunday school class, small group, vacation Bible school, book club, school, or family can make a difference!

How do we begin our campaign?

1. Call or email Vicki at 616-259-1518 or We’ll help you get started by providing PRC baby bottles and step by step instructions. Each bottle will include an insert that gives your organization’s name and other pertinent information.

2. Distribute the baby bottles to your group, collect them within two to four weeks, and return them to the PRC at your convenience. We will calculate your donation, send receipts to your individual donors as requested, and provide a report of your total donation.

3. Sit back and pray for God’s continued work through your generous gift and the ministry of the PRC. Now, enjoy the blessing of being a partner in our life-saving, life-giving work!

You Can Make a Difference